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We provide online payment processing services and consulting expertise for eCom acquirers under high tech standards and win-win strategy.

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01 - Our adventages of online payment processing with 3ENITH

Benefits we offer

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    Operational prime cost is lower than 80% of market average

    Our pricing policy is based on only transaction-based fees, so you can reduce your expenses with us.

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    Faster and cost-effective Visa/Mastercard payment project management

    We provide a personalized approach to help you optimize your expenses and move faster to your goal.

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    Rich functionality

    High-risk transactions, digital payments/ DSRP, Visa Direct/Money send, Tap-to-phone payments, and all you can expect from processing 🙂

  • 04

    Implementation consulting and post-implementation support

    We provide consulting services to ensure step-by-step guidance in the payment processing launch and 24/7 post-implementation support.

  • 05

    Go live within 3 months

    We offer effective solutions in terms of technical integration with the payment system and modern Restful API with clear documentation.

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    Highly secure solution

    Fault-tolerant IT infrastructure hosted in TIER III certified datacenters; PSD2 and GDPR-compliant.

  • 07

    Quick and free-of-charge merchant onboarding process

    Acquirer can onboard merchants independently and as quickly as needed.

  • 08

    Convenient reporting system

    We provide a full range of back office reports that are readable by both machines and humans.

02 - Quick facts

Our agility and individual approach in action

  • Thousands euro saved on monthly fees

    We completed an implementation project for Acquirer with Visa and Mastercard within just 3 months, so the client saved thousands of euros on monthly project fees.

  • Free integration project with Acquier

    Our one-time setup fee is 20% lower than average.
    We provide free integration between 3ENITH & Acquirer for clients with 1,000,000 monthly transactions.

  • Complex problem-solving approaches

    Since the payment processing is a whole chain of actions and participants, we solve problems on each level as efficiently as possible, interacting with every involved network member.

03 - 3ENITH in faces

“Our goal is to make your money work for you. We are committed to your success, profits, and performance.”

Anna Bagajeva CEO 3ENITH
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04 - It will not happen

What you avoid with us

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    Project delays and high fees

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    Bad support

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    Hidden fees

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    Non user friendly reports

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    Wasting time on long merchant boarding

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05 - Join to them

Our clients

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Visa, Mastercard principal member in acquiring, Union Pay Acquiring Principal Member

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Principal Member of Visa and Mastercard in issuing and acquiring

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Regional Payment systems LLC – Visa associate member

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Mastercard principal member in acquiring

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Mastercard principal member in issuing and acquiring

06 - Frequently Asked Question

Maybe you have any questions

  • What is an online payment processor?

    An online payment processor is a connector between merchants, acquirers, issuers, and payment card systems in the process of financial transactions performed online. It may be any legal entity licensed to provide payment processing for online business as a Visa/Mastercard principal or affiliate member. These companies also provide software for transaction facilitation, support services, compliance advisory, and other related services that help to ensure trusted transactions. 3ENITH is a pure example of a reliable payment/member service provider that offers both consulting expertise and top-notch processing services under a transparent pricing policy.

  • What is the difference between a payment gateway and a payment processor?

    Both payment gateways and payment processors are key elements in the chain of financial transaction process. A payment gateway is a technology that serves as an analogue of the point-of-sale terminal system in the eCommerce environment. Payment gateways are integrated into the e-commerce platform through API. The payment gateway gathers, encrypts, and sends a user’s financial data to the merchant’s acquirer’s payment processing center. The payment processing provider manages all data rotation between all transaction participants to complete the online payment if it’s approved by the issuing bank.

  • How do online payment processors work?

    To see how online payment processors work, we need to understand the whole online payment cycle: 1. A customer initiates the buying process through the online platform and fills in payment information through the payment gateway. 2. The payment gateway encrypts this information and sends it to the payment processor. 3. The processor sends an authorization request to the payment system, where authorization is approved from the card issuer's bank 4. When the acquirer closes the business day, they send batches with transactions for the day to the payment system for clearing. 5. Further, the issuing bank pays to the acquiring bank for the transactions performed, and the processor receives reports and settlements from the payment system, which it converts into a convenient format and transfers to the client. 6. The payment processing provider updates the transaction status via gateway: approved or declined, depending on the customer’s bank’s answer. 7. If approved, the merchant receives money and the customer sees confirmation of the successful purchase. 8. If declined due to lack of funds, currency conversion policies etc., customers see the denial status and can’t make the purchase. As you can see, the payment processor is involved in each stage of the transaction chain in e-commerce, from the first seconds of authorization to the provision of reports to the acquirer on settlements of transactions.

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